Barbados : Shipwreck Snorkeling in Carlisle Bay

From the inn I stayed at (which was incredibly cheap!) we took a drive to the west coast of the island and landed at Carlisle Bay. We took our own gear: masks, snorkels, some free diving fins, and of course my GoPro.  Upon arriving at the bay, we got ready on the beach and started swimming out toward the wreck sites. There are six different wreck sites in the bay, but since I’m a diving amateur, we stuck to snorkeling the 3 closest ones.

The Berwyn.

It’s own crew sank this 70ft WWI French tugboat in 1919. Depending on the tide, this site lies about 10 feet below the surface and is the closest to the shore. Because of the calm waters surrounding it in the bay, it is an incredible breeding area for all types of marine life as you can see from my video below!

The Bajan Queen.

Originally a tugboat named the “Pelican,” she was converted into a party boat and renamed the “Bajan Queen.” After years of partying, she was donated and sunk here in Carlisle Bay in 2002. Now, the coral and fish populations that inhabit it get to party on under the sea “Little Mermaid” style!

The Eillon.

This drug boat measuring 110ft was sunk in 1996.  This was after about six years of being tied up in the Bridgetown careenage. Fun fact: there is an air pocket in the bow big enough to hold a conversation at 25ft below!

22 thoughts on “Barbados : Shipwreck Snorkeling in Carlisle Bay

    1. That’s fair, open water any further would have probably spooked me, but this is more of a bay that doesn’t seem too “open ocean-y.” I loved it!

  1. Gorgeous. It’s funny I grew up around the ocean but never tried snorkeling but now I’m inspired. It’s on the list to go snorkeling off the wrecks. Beautiful photos.

    1. It truly is an unforgettable experience and beyond amazing! When the water is a little more clear, it’s incredible how much detail you can see! You’ll love it!

  2. I am crazy terrified of the water, but the fact that The Ellon has an air pocket in the bow big enough to hold a conversation at 25 feet below is absolutely fascinating. This post makes me think maybe I should just TRY snorkeling one day …..

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. I love the idea of doing this kind of trip with a go pro! 😀

    I’ve been snorkeling before and i even took a waterproof camera, but the photos were pretty rubbish. I can see that they are way better with a go pro. 🙂

    Those ship wreaks are amazing!!

    1. It was so nice having my go pro! Small, portable, easy to carry, and waterproof (I have the Hero 5 Black)! It was such an awesome experience!

    1. Definitely learn how! There are also boats that can take you out and you can just look from the surface with a life vest 🙂

    1. The visibility in my photos and video actually isn’t all that great since it was storming on and off. Google some images and you can see some incredible life and colors!

    1. Hey thank you! I’m huge on budget traveling so I’m always happy to help others get the biggest bang for their buck!

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