Minimalist Traveler Necessities 

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Life Without Plastic

If you have ever wanted to start living a more sustainable life, look no further!  Life Without Plastic offers an incredible amount of earth-conscious items from kitchen utensils to baby items all at affordable costs.


Forsakes are seriously my absolute favorite shoes on the planet. I have had various styles of Forsakes, and can say with confidence that they are made for everything. Forsake uses “peak to pavement” technology that definitely lives up to the name. I have worn mine during the summer in San Diego, and the winter in Iceland without any problems. They have withstood hiking in almost every type of terrain you can think of, and have replaced all other hiking and even day shoes. So stylish, comfortable, and absolutely perfect!

Forsake : Patch shoes


Traveling with a hammock might seem odd to some, but I keep one in my backpack and one in my car for hammocking on the go! Sometimes during a hike or outdoor adventure it’s nice to just swing back and forth and relax for a little while (heck I’ve even slept in mine while camping). Madera Outdoor is my hammock company of choice. For every hammock purchased, they give back to the planet by planting two trees (because hammocks need trees!). Also, by clicking this link, you can get 40% OFF on the Madera website!  You can thank me later. 😉


Just recently I got recommended Injinji toe socks from a friend. I was extremely uncertain about them at the beginning, but now it’s hard to think there’s anything else out there that I could want! Injinji toe socks come in every variation from knee-high to no-show, bright colors and patterns to simple solid colors. They are made with merino wool (which is antimicrobial and helps keep odors down), while keeping your toes separated and free moving. I have been able to wear them for a couple days without washing, which means I don’t have to carry as many socks with me when I travel. Less socks means less weight in my bag!

If toe socks aren’t really your thing, Darn Tough socks are probably the next best when it comes to your feet. Just like Injinji, they come in all sorts of variations and are made with merino wool.

The third, and final, type of socks I recommend are from Smartwool. You can wear them for a multiple days at a time, they come in beautiful colors, and are perfect in all types of weather! They keep my feet warm when I’m cold, but also don’t make me sweat when it’s warm out. I love the fact that I can wear them to work, go to the gym on my lunch, and not have to change my socks in between!

Injinji Socks : featuring Charlene the Narwhal


Right? I just told you how much you need socks, and now I’m telling you that you need underwear. I sound ridiculous, but these have changed my active traveling life! Another product from Smartwool, these underwear are merino wool, which means no odor and quick drying! Just like their socks, I can wear them all day with a gym session in the middle without having to change midday. I’ve already replaced most of my underwear stock with these and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Hiking Pants

This might sound a little specific, but I absolutely swear by my PrAna Halle Pants. They are made for hiking, which means they have the perfect amount of stretch, fit (drawstring included at the waist), and are moisture wicking for when things get a little wet. Did I mention they are also cute as heck? I wear mine every day for work and fun. They have kept me cool during summertime in Afghanistan, but also warm enough during an Icelandic winter. There are seriously no better pants in my mind. PrAna itself is a fantastic company that is devoted to giving back to the community and using sustainable resources which I think is just amazing.

PrAna Halle Pant : featuring yours truly!

Re-usable Water Bottle

A re-usable water bottle is key to traveling abroad. There is no need for a ton of plastic bottles and unnecessary waste. I have found my HydroFlask to be such a wonderful thing especially while hiking! It keeps the cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. Seriously, I took a trip to Disneyland early in the morning and parked our car out in the hot sun. At the very end of the day we got back to the car and in my bottle was still ICE! Solid ice that lasted in our sauna of a car all day! It seriously works so well.

HydroFlask : featuring LadyBoss


This one might sound a little weird, but I carry around a small set of Tapirus cutlery everywhere I go. Like the re-usable water bottle, this helps cut down on unnecessary waste when it comes to single use utensils. I use these stainless steel ones (which come with two spoons, a fork, knife, and bottle opener), but am thinking about switching to a bamboo set, especially for travel purposes (since knives are kind of frowned upon at the airport). They come in great little travel pouches and are easy for on-the-go use.

Tapirus : My Stainless Steel Cutlery